Bunsen B. Urner



One of the four knights of Pyrion under the moniker Burner. A manly and well armored man. He values honor above all else.


Once a humble farmer, trouble struck as his yearly crop yields began to decline. Once he was penniless, Bunsen fled to Therin in search of work. He joined Pyrion’s army and steadily climbed the ranks. In a bat9tle with the Halans, Bunsen match his strength 100 of their man by himself. After the battle, Pyrion knighted Bunsen, gave him the name Burner, and promised him that he and his family would be taken care of.

It is said that even in his madness, Pyrion was true to his word. The Urner family was not harmed when Pyrion unleashed his curse.

Bunsen B. Urner

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