Archimond Tullius

The Incinerator


An elven arch-mage. Archimond is often wearing fancy robes and carrying a journal. It is said that he was surrounded by an aura of magic at all times


An elven mage of family Tullius, Archmond was remarkably adept in magic of all sorts. Deemed a prodigy, he left the Tullius household at the tender age of 67 and went to serve the Therin family line. After one hundred years of service, Archimond was named Arch-mage of Therin and was made he5ad master of Therin’s mage tower.

After the first calamity that claimed Pyrion’s wife, Ash, Archimond was commissioned to figure out all he knew on magic concerning the soul. In his research he discovered the Unpassed, ghosts unable to pass for a purpose they felt they still needed to serve. He was the one to coin the term. One such unpassed was Alder, a humble farmer. They exchanged services and worked together to figure out magics concerning the soul.

In an attempt to further his goals, Pyrion suggested that he add some magic of his own to Archmond’s experiment. Acrhimond readily accepted, hoping to help his lord. It was a trick however, and the start to Pyrion’s reign of terror as he turned Alder into a soldier of pure flame.

With one final lash, Pyrion took Archmond prisoner and chained to a submission spell. He was dubbed The Incinerator, the third of Pyrion’s knights. Archimond gave the reigns to The Conflagrater where he led a terrible attack on Castle Therin.

Archimond Tullius

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