Taylor the Tailor

Gods have Mercy


Some say he was once a carefree, joyous man who just wanted to sew clothes and make a living. Some say his wife used to genuinely make him happy and not make him want to murder her and everyone around them. Some say his kids stopped crying once. Only once. Some say these stories are true, though none now live that remember it.

Taylor the tailor is a sad man stuck in a horrid marriage with a shrill woman who only has concern for money. Money which no longer makes him happy. His wife controls his business and carries his manhood in her bag of holding.

During the Lichus assault on Therinfall his wife died and he thought himself free. He took a vacation to enjoy life once more but upon returning, his wife had returned in the form of a poltergeist who was louder than ever.

The most recent heroes set him free by performing an exorcism on her soul and sent to the afterlife to finally (hopefully) not bother anyone anymore.

Taylor the Tailor

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