Deva Cleric


Though a relatively young man, Parthos is a Deva. The Deva live and recall many lifetimes throughout the world and have lived through many cultures. As such, Parthos knows the price and the absolute necessity of progress. As a follower of Erathis, and a seer of things to come, Parthos strives to keep things as they were meant to be. If a creature was meant to continue on to a greater purpose, then healed and mended by his gifted magic they will be. However Parthos knows when let the soul of a creature leave and continue on to its greater good, and this has caused him some trouble over the years with certain religious sects, so he has never remained in one place for too long.

He had always felt a pull to the East and he has traveled for many years, never quite feeling at home. Recently though, from his arrival at Therinfall and the return of several previously unseen memories he finally feels that his destined place is right here in the service of King Jun Dodov.

In his recent adventures he has since learned that in his past lives he was one of the co-founders of the city of Therin and was present during the burning of the city by Tiamat and for the madness of King Pyrion.


Therinfall Dratheer