Elf Necromancer


Lichus was a charismatic and promising young Elf when he came across a corrupted gemstone. The gem embedded itself in his forehead and drove him crazy. Lichus descended into a madness that drove him to evil and necromantic arts. He is the arch-rival of the Shaman Gellos.

Lichus lurked in the shadows for years plotting and scheming, manipulating Talin into giving him details of draconic burial sites all across the country. He used this information to perform a forbidden ritual which when completed bound the god Tiamat to his control. He used his control over her and his legion of undead to assault Therinfall. Many died in this assault but through the help of the kingdom’s heroes it was fought off and Lichus was defeated and Tiamat slept once more.cd1444b348730c6791442a64dec0f6e7.jpg


Therinfall Dratheer