King Ember Therin

The Founder of Therinfall


A human woman of great strength and even greater fortitude. She is the shortest of the Guardians of Therin, but by no means small. Often seen with her hair tucked away, but the lucky few to have seen it say it is a radiant orange. She prefers the shield and short sword, but is capable of handling Joshua’s Sunlight Spear or Morokov’s Dragonslayer Shield. She is a calculated risk taker, throwing her self in the fight against overwhelming odds and return home victorious. This is used to great effect with her troops, inspiring them to fight on in similar situations. That aside, she is a firm yet caring leader, putting her people before her own needs.


Ember is the second child of Ash Therin and Pyrion Therin, and the younger sister to Cinder Therin. She lived a pampered sort of life in Therin until Tiamat attacked for King Pyrion’s blasphemy and took her mother’s life. While she mourned her loss, she did not mourn long when Pyrion wnet mad an wrought a curse to raise a flame that would burn Tiamat to nothing.

King Ember Therin

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