Jun Dodov

King of Therinfall


Jun Dodov is a Dragonborn Warlord.

Life before Eberron

Jun Dodov was born in the city of Dorgomire to Drog Dodov and Riik Dodov. Riik died giving birth to Jun, so Drog raised him alone. Born to the warrior Clan Dodov, Jun was raised to be a soldier for Dorgomire. Excelling in the art of inspiring his comrades to fight harder and longer, he was a natural pick to be one of the Seven General’s for Dorgomire. As he grew, Jun fell in love the dragonborn sorceress Talinn Shivaron of Clan Shivaron. They went on many adventures together, like raiding aged old temples to ancient dragons of the land and digging for fossils of said ancient dragon.

This was not to last, as Dorgomire found itself going to war with Dredaria, rivaling city led my the evil dragon Izarik. Fearing the worst, Grevik Shivaron, the head of Clan Shivaron at the time, had most of his clan and all information that they had collected in their library shipped off to Eberron to prevent the Dredarians from getting their hands on them or their work should they win the war. Talinn was among those ordered to be sent away. On the day of their parting, Jun promised Talinn to win this war and find her no matter how. long it would take After a tearful good-bye, Talinn sailed off to Eberron, and Jun went to war.

After a gruesome many years, Izarik was slain and Dorgomire won the war. Though shell shocked, Jun immediately made plans to sail to Eberron.

Early Eberron
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Jun Dodov

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