You Stay. I go.


IX-947D, AKA IX-9, AKA Bag-o-bolts, is a Warforged Warden who was created many years ago by the mountain dwarves as a defense mechanism against their aggressors. He harnessed the powers of the snowy mountain on which they were perched, opened his chest and swallowed up the enemies and spat them back out, frozen solid and defeated thus becoming the world’s first refrigerator™.

He joined the crew of Jun Dodov in their assault on the Shadowfell. When they finally confronted Kalerel with Splugg in tow, a portal to other dimensions opened, and IX9, Splugg, and Kalerel all fell in together. The party mourned the loss of their metallic friend and continued on. However through the portal, IX9 battled on, hopeful he would live to see his friends again. Through time and dimensions he gained experience and power. He made the other worlds bend to his will and he could travel through them at will.

When he finally found his way back to Eberron, he appeared in a basement next to some of his old friends and joined them in battle against an evil queen and a shadow of the villain Lichus. Upon helping his friends, he once again departed to offer his services to other beings in other worlds.

IX9 continues to exist in the multiverse gathering power and knowledge, preparing for whenever and however his services might next be needed.


Therinfall Dratheer