Felix Artorus Tullius

The Arrowmancer


Scion and eldest son of House Tullius, Felix is somewhat different from his family. Every last one of them is a wizard, and Felix has simply never quite had the knack. Scorned by his mother Ygraine, current Head Mage of the family, he is seen as an embarrassment to the family name while his sister Ariadne is viewed as a prodigy. Felix tells himself that he doesn’t mind.

Wizards often describe their connection to the arcane energies of the cosmos as being able to hear the “songs of the spheres.” Felix swears he can hear it too, but only in the creak of his curving bow, the twang of its string’s release, the whistle of fletching on the wind as it flies, and the percussion of an arrowhead meeting its target.

Felix Artorus Tullius

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