The Crypt- part x

The Alien Isolation Episode

Before the heroes entered this chamber, they were warned that there is a dangerous creature that dwells on this level, the likes of which most had never seen. The heroes got to the next level and it was pitch black. They used their torches to light the way to discover it was a royal sarcophagus. As they made their way through the labyrinth they were assaulted by an unseen threat that lurked just beyond the shadows. They hid in chests and used creative tactics to distract the creature long enough to make it to the end of the maze and unlock the door with various objects they obtained along the way.

The creature, being of high intelligence, acknowledged he had been bested and allowed them to pass relatively unscathed. It was later revealed that this creature was a primal ravager. One of the first of its kind that adapted to live underground after the assault on Therinfall.



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