The Crypt- part X

The Trial of the Angels

Parthos, Dwayne, and Felix descend from the Ravager layer down to a new chamber that contains two bell towers and some underground foliage. Along with all of these objects, statues of angels line the chamber. The heroes quickly learned they were not angel statues, but real live angels! Parthos and Dwayne struck the bells simultaneously and woke the angel from her slumber. She informed them she was named Charcal, a servant of Kord who was assigned to lord Cinder before his death and she has remained here in stasis ever since.

In order to pass by the heroes were challenged by Charcal and her angel flight. After a difficult bout, the angels were bested and Charcal agreed to unlock the next chamber for the heroes. However as she begun her process, Bunsen, the Burner crashed the party and threatened to end their journey right there. The heroes were able to delay him for long enough that Charcal opened the magic locks, they all poured into the hall while Charcal collapsed the chamber behind them leaving no way out the way they came. Hopefully there is another way out up ahead…



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