Dungeon Ball (con't)

The Scepter Tower and Nick's first time as DM

When last we left the heroes they had hopped a cart to Therinfall, the capital city of the land. However, this was a merchant’s cart and it had to make its regularly scheduled stops. The heroes were granted free travel in exchange for protection from bandits and monsters. The first stop this caravan made was at a resting place, a ‘hotel’ of sorts at the base of an abandoned tower, The Scepter Tower of Spellgard. The heroes decided they needed a break and went into the resort to rest and gather information.

They quickly learned this place was a popular place for pilgrimage. Atop the Scepter Tower lived a mysterious Oracle who would answer a question for any brave adventurer who made it to her in one piece. This, of course, drew many throughout the land to this site and the heroes were quick to make enemies of another band of travelers wishing to have their questions answered. A barroom brawl broke out between the two parties and caused a rift that would not be mended by kind word or deed.

Our heroes decided that it would absolutely be worth attempting to reach the top of the tower and have their questions answered so when morning came, they departed. When the morning came, the partys’ wizard Bivv decided his time was best spent on his quest elsewhere so he departed.

At the base of the tower however, the team came upon a young female Tiefling named Alcyanae. After some questioning to make sure she wasn’t part of the opposing party, they decided to take the young Tiefling with them. Alcy found a hidden entrance, as the tower was sealed from the outside and in the party went.

Up through the floors they ascended facing many challenges along the way including, the enemy party, wererats, and even an Oni. Near the top of the tower they begin seeing signs that something much more sinister had arrived before them and was planning on holding the Oracle as a hostage and using her to answer the secrets of the universe to harness unlimited knowledge for himself. An illusionist Shadar-Kai named Thorin awaited them at the apex of the tower. A very difficult fight awaited them as they were caught in his illusions and separated. Each hero had to fight his way through his own worst fear in order to break through the spell and finally beat Thorin in the flesh.

The oracle was so grateful to be saved, she granted each individual their own separate question. After a slew of vague but intriguing answers, the crew gathered their resolves for the quests ahead and descended the tower content to continue their quest onto Therinfall and into the future…



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