Dungeon Ball

The first leg of the journey (Premades)

Our first journey into D&D was with Steven as the DM and the premade adventure, The Keep on the Shadowfell. This was many years ago now so I will be recalling it with all the accuracy I can muster. We began as simply a ragtag gang of adventurers bound for glory. In the city where me met, we were tasked by its leader to seek out an old keep where an evil necromancer had taken residence. His name was Kalerel and his plan was to open a portal to another dimension and bring through Orcus, the prince of undeath.

We fought through many goblins, kobolds, and all manner of low level enemies and traps. One such goblin that we encountered we decided to spare one particular goblin, the poor little Splugg. We were going to use him as a guide of sorts to get us through the keep (or so we though). Splugg was only interested in collecting shinies, so we had to pay out to keep him with us.

Finally after many perils, we reached the room where Kalerel planned on performing his ritual. We fought hard and long but it looked like all might be lost. Fortunately IX-947D was willing to sacrifice his life (or so we thought) to keep Orcus from coming through, so he tackled Kalerel sending the two of them and Splugg through the portal into locations unknown.

Out of character the reasoning for this was that the current DM was stepping down to free up some time in his schedule, and I, Nick (the pilot of IX9) was to take over as (first time!) DM. So we returned to town, informed Ernest of our success and were decorated as heroes. Ernest decided to send us to the capital city to meet with the king to receive a commendation. We hopped on a cart and were on our way to start our lives in Therinfall.

Though none of us really knew what we were getting into…



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